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FORTLAND – An Ode To A Better Stay (and way)

Back to school season is here. Instagram is full of “back to the routine” vibes and I’m gearing up for my busiest month ever for closings, a theater run of 8 shows and the premier of my latest gig, co-host of MaineLife: Special Spaces.

To say I’m not aligned with the “back to the grind” vibe is an understatement. I’m IN the grind. As I write this, I’m also battling a wonderful afternoon lethargy, most likely brought on by my 4 am decision to run 14 miles before the kids woke up for school because I have a marathon in 3 weeks and was nervous I’d fall behind in my training. Life is busy, and I have always found a way to make it so. And I love it. Through many activities, clients, events and hobbies, I am able to feed a part of my soul that craves connection with others and the natural world. It is who I am.

I felt this connection particularly strong this past Labor Day Weekend when my family had the privilege of visiting Portland’s newest hotspot (and soon to be the talk of the town), FORTLand.

FORTLand is a ‘glamping’ experience on an 1807 pre-civil war era fort, that sits on House Island in Casco Bay. One note on ‘glamping’ while I have you; this word implies bougie behavior and over the top dinners served on china plates from a Ft Green flea market. FORTLand is not that.

Our experience on the island was made memorable for some many reasons, but I’d like to highlight a few:

  • Stefan and Katrina (owners) greeted every interaction with their guests with a warmth and compassion, that made us feel so welcome, and as if we belonged from the moment we stepped off the boat. Oh, and we DIDN’T want to leave.
  • The tent and yurt sites are setup to have everything you need, and omit everything you don’t need. Our tent site had the most impressive sunrise over neighboring Peaks Island, while still providing a solar battery for our phone chargers so I could take that photo at 5:30 in the morning (see photo below)
  • Whether you go with friends (we did) or just with your partner (or alone), the communal parade grounds where everyone gathers to cooks and eats, is a throwback to the days of Bean Suppers and Grange Hall dances. Oh, and this common area is all under a stunning Scandanavian teepee referred to as the “witches cap.”

Back to the grind though. All amazing moments must come to an end, and I am glad they do, so we can look forward to our return.

I learned a valuable lesson in the 24 hours at FORTLand – the last two years of this market has been a GRIND. It was full of anxiety, rushed decisions, fast moving showings and an overall queasiness for buyers wondering “when is this going to end.” For Sellers, the upside was amazing, but then there was the fear of “where are we going to go.”

So…I’m taking this week to try and slow my grind. I have a goal of reworking my routines, knowing full well I may not be back to one until sometime. And that’s ok. Life is cyclical, though not all of us are on the same cycles. Time away from the grind is important for so many reasons, and for this lifelong GRINDER…I am so blessed to have had 24 hours at FORTLand with my family and friends, to remind me of the gifts we have in this world, and the WORK it takes to get there.

Ok world…Go check out FORTLand, enjoy this new season and if you have been waiting to BUY A HOME IN MAINE – this may be the moment you have been waiting for ๐Ÿ™‚

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